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    Default Generator from 3P motor

    The mens shed finally had THE clean up they should have had a few years back. Five 3P electric motors were deemed disposable and I said I would try and sell them on GT. After 3 weeks of zero response, a bloke calls me and says he wants to buy one to make an electric generator.

    Bloke comes around and says he's a welder and has seen how to do the conversion on You tube. Apparently the rotor is removed and turned down a bit so magnets can be glued onto the rotor. Then he's going to power it with a diesel engine. I immediately thought, What about balancing, and voltage reg? I keep very quiet and he buys a motor and then sees all the other motors and gear in my shed and says, you should turn all these motors into generators - good money to be made. Then he asks me if how much would I charge to turn down the rotor in his motor but I said I was too busy, and don't have insurance to cover this sort of thing. He clearly thought I was a bit of a wuss. I suggested he go to his local mens shed, but now I'm sorry I said that.

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    I once used a welder made from a 3P motor, don't know how it worked or what was done to make it work. It had a flat pulley on the end of the shaft that had a bar approx 1 metre long welded to it. To adjust the amps the bar was rotated slightly and locked in position.
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