Mother in Law does pottery and asked me if I could make a small stamp for her so she could easily ID her works.
Probably just her name inside a circle, about 15mm in diameter.

Never done any engraving before. Have ordered some 30 0.1mm tip and 30 0.3mm tip bits to do it.
Have reversed the text so it stamps correctly.
Not sure what material to use. Got some Delrin, ALi and brass. She mentioned to be wary of clay sticking to the stamp......?

Any tips to get the best result without a long learning curve?
Speeds, feeds and depth of cut.

Have read about cutting the large area with a bigger bit and then doing the fine work with a fine bit.
Have installed the script for finding the centre of ok. Will have to wrap shim around the stock if I use Delrin.
Not sure if 0.1 mm is too small or the 0.3 mm bit is too big?
Anything obvious I should know?

Vals Stamp.jpg