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    Default Intrinsically Safe Mobile Handsets

    I had to chase up an intrinsically safe mobile handset recently , I thought that it would be no big deal .

    I have a small job to do at a local airport on an avgas dispenser , which could become a regular

    However 90% of the salespeople had absolutely no idea of what intrinsically safe even meant .

    An online search ensued and I found a retailer in Melbourne , ( very close to me ), now I am waiting for details to arrive by email .

    Has anyone else had a similar difficulty with finding someone who knows what you want to buy and can obtain the item and details when you need it.


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    Yep. Every time I go into Bunnings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBs PensNmore View Post
    Yep. Every time I go into Bunnings.
    Ha Ha. Good one. SWMBO went into a local hardware store yesterday and was approached by "a child of about 15" who asked if she could help. A request was made for a cutting in brush. The "15 yr old child" led her straight to the paint brushes, pointed and asked long handle or short. SWMBO took one of each. Go figure. At least I now have a proper cutting in brush to do the bathroom walls. The old one is covered in some tarry looking hard goo.

    Our nearest Bunnings is not actually like that. Usually a knowledgeble person is called for who has some knowledge. I did get some blank stares from Windsor Gardens Bunnings when I asked for some "Whitco Spiral Sash Window Balances" recently. They were meant to carry them according to Whitco. Turns out they were a special order only.


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    Hi Michael.

    I assume that you mean a mobile phone?
    If you persist, you will find a supplier, but in the end, it may not be local.
    If it is not clear from the item specifications in the user manual, then ask the supplier to supply a manufacturer's certification that it is compliant.
    Quality suppliers will have this at hand, and will know why you are asking and will not question your need.

    If you have to have a UHF CB transceiver with the same requirement, I have found that Motorola GP200 and 300 range, etc are compliant, and it is specified in the user manual.

    This is a common type used on airports around Avgas, and by Australian Aviation Rescue and Firefighting staff.
    We used to buy them in bulk and have them programmed to suit.

    No associations with any company.

    good luck, mike

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