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    Default When answering posts...

    A small rant -
    Today is not the first time it has happened to me, and this issue has happened to others too*, but please when responding to posts when a member has asked a specific question, please read the information in the post (including any limitations or requirements) and address the question that is asked.

    I posted a request for a specific type of tool in the wanted section and a couple of members have responded (and thank you for taking the time), but the question was not 'how can I measure this', but 'has anyone got one of these'.

    I have no problem with posts where members ask how to do something (or indeed as I have, ask for ideas to sort a problem), and that's fine - anyone can respond with a suggestion. However, when a specific question is asked, as a basic courtesy please keep responses on topic and addressing the question. If you have an idea that does not directly answer the question but may be an alternative, send a PM (as some have replied to me before) or even start another thread (for example, '... asked about a issue they have (link to post) but I wondered whether anyone has tried this technique/using one of these in a similar situation...').

    I wasn't expecting much of a response from my post as it is a specialised bit of kit and unlikely that a member would have one sitting around, so don't mind if no one answers. I would prefer not to get my hopes up though with responses that on examination don't actually progress to the solution that I need.


    *I have had other members tell me that they don't post as much or ask questions because respondents are posting material which are irrelevant to the problem that was presented and all they want is an actionable answer, rather than wading through reams of posts that may or may not be on topic.

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    Obviously I am new here but I am not new to forums, I am an active member on a few and am a moderator on one, so I understand how they work and lots of the general pitfalls of them.

    So on the surface I agree with what Michael is saying, keeping threads on topic and relevant is always a good idea, however I would like to hear what others think in relation to the thread in question which I assume is this one Outside caliper

    So Micheal, yes you said you were looking for a dial caliper and the one pictured was not economical for your use. If all you wanted was that exact tool then maybe you should have just named a price you are happy with and left it at that. However you went on to explain what you wanted to do, which to me implies you are looking for an answer to your problem as much as looking for that exact tool. Add to that, unless I am missing something the very first response nailed the answer for you, using a vernier with a a set of jaws or beak attached. Your response was that they may not be accurate if the jaws aren't properly attached, but you also mentioned you might be able to make a caliper, so surely if you have the skills to make a caliper you have the skills to make and attach a set of jaws to a cheap set of calipers and bingo problem solved.

    Anyway I guess I am interested in the take on this thread from others as it relates to the post in question. As I said I am new here and am looking around and "getting a feel" for the forum before I commit to adding too much content. If the general consensus is that the thread did go off topic and the posters were not adding to the forum but rather deterring people from posting then I am comfortable with that, but it tells me I am in the wrong spot and I may as well log off and never return.

    Cheers Andrew

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