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    Default Headset adaptors for handheld uhf sets.

    I have a friend who wants to use a David Clarke helicopter headset while operating a dozer, to speak to support people and other machines while working without having to find the radio somewhere in the cab ,hold it in one hand , yell to make himself heard and have the volume flat so he can hear the others reply .
    Not a good way to operate , therefore the headset , also cuts noise down so no hearing problems later.

    I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to mate a H10-13 H head set to a GME TX1655 hand set .

    No the machines cant have a radio fitted as they only last for about three months and are shaken to bits or full of dust .


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    I'm guessing that handset number is a typo and should be a TX6155 ??

    If you don't have any luck here, try someone like these guys who deal with both of those bits of gear and quite likely have had the request in the past.
    Aircraft Radio Sales & Services | Archerfield Airport | Avionics
    I've no relationship with them, just straight from Google when I looked for an aviation headset specialist in QLD.


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    Thanks for the info , I have just got the adaptor working , just need to purchase a plastic case that will hold all the bits and fit a belt clip .

    Time will tell how it stands up to dozer work.

    Yes the handset model was a typo.


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