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Thread: gears

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    Default gears

    anyone know of a source of small gears suitable for a mill drill quill feed or similar uses
    thanks steve

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    Hi Steve,
    You will get much better feedback if you can give better information.

    Make and model of your mill drill.

    The size of the gears, number of teeth, are they cast iron steel or plastic?

    Are the feed gears missing or just damaged?

    If only damaged, perhaps some dimensions of what you have.

    One of our members may have just what you want, but unless you give them something specific to identify the parts needed, they or you may never know
    if the parts will be suitable.


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    Sorry Steve that's a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.
    If it's really small stuff try Aussie machines or something similar, the gears used in the X model Milling Machines and the C series Lathes.
    As Grahame mentioned, if you were to supply a sketch or details of what you're trying to do it would help a great deal.
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