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    Default .22 barrel liner

    Would buying a 22 barrel liner from the US to repair a worn out barrel in an old lithgow single shot be illegal for anyone but a gunsmith with the appropriate import licence?
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    Quote Originally Posted by .RC. View Post
    Would buying a 22 barrel liner from the US to repair a worn out barrel in an old lithgow single shot be illegal for anyone but a gunsmith with the appropriate import licence?
    Probably, in this benighted era.

    If you manage to get permission, grab one or two for me. I do have the proper licenses & registered firearms.

    FWIW I've got the Brownells 'Gunsmith Kinks' books with the detailed description of fitting a liner if you wanted to read them.


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    Edit: Ok, I just re-read you post and you mentioned its for a Lithgow single shot. Unless the rifle is particularly sentimental you can just go by another Lithgow for probably $50 and save yourself all sorts of costs and hassles. The Lithgow single shot (or any single shot for that matter) is basically worth nothing these days.

    These days a barrel liner is considered a firearms part for import/export purposes. It's pretty simple for this end, all you need is a B709A import permit that is issued by your state firearms branch (or more specifically is granted by the Police Commissioner). You just need the reason to import, which of course is to repair an old gun. If memory serves me correctly the B709A form is free. I can give you more details if you like. You basically just need to have the import permit in order to release the item from Customs when they grab it on the border. Produce your form and the item arrives.

    The issues comes from the US now. Places like Track of the Wolf used to ship out the hammer forged TJ Enterprises liners, which are an excellent quality liner and a bit more expensive than the Redman's liner from places like Brownells but apparently they are drastically better. I've had a TJ liner installed in a Marlin 1897 lever action here, and while the liner seems excellent the job to install and chamber it was an absolute disgrace. I got Alan Swan's gunsmithing in QLD to do it and I would strongly recommend that you seek other services if you can't do it yourself.

    There have been a whole bunch of changes in the movement of arms out of the US. Basically the barrel liners are considered a barrel and firearm part now and things have got more difficult. In order to export a barrel/part, an application and license to export needs to be gained by the person shipping the item in the US and you need to pay a fee to the State Department. This is usually where you employ the services of of an export broker, or hopefully the business you are dealing with may already hold the licenses and do exports - however you still need to pay the fees associated. They are fees per shipment, not per item but on my last one fees ran around $200-$300 for the shipment with shipping. So it is rarely worth doing a single item export and you really need to look at getting a bulk export to make the costs worthwhile or there needs to be drastic savings on the item.

    Now, by chance I need several liners myself and need to start exploring this option again. I was considering getting a bundle of them but had not yet determined prices etc. Their availability in Australia seems to be quite variable. I might ramp this up in importance and can let you know what I come back with. Unfortunately TJ Enterprises is still in the dark ages and has no website, so contact from Australia is a little extra work. I'll explore TOTW too and see if they will do any exports anymore and their costs. I have used High Bridge Arms ( before and Lauren was exceptional. I understand if you are trying to preserve an old patina'd gun, but another affordable option is to rebarrel with a Green Mountain barrel.

    Technically by the word of the law only a licensed gunsmith can work on firearms in Australia. Of course there is no actual thing as a "licensed" gunsmith as it is not a licensed trade, so the actual reality is that a licensed dealer is the person that has to do the work. However, given you can be a dealer but not a machinist, they are able to specify an approved person on their dealers license that gives them permission to outsource the work.

    Here is another summary from Brownells: World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS

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    It is just our euthanasia gun. I do not think it is performing as well as it should be. I have not run it over the chronograph to see what speeds I am getting, but it does not crack like a 22 should.

    There is no sentimental value to it, it is just handy to have. I was hoping just getting a barrel liner would be a simple and easy thing to do. Alas these days nothing to do with firearms is simple or easy for people who operate within the law.
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