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    One of the most talented - if eccentric - machinists I've ever come across, he's even had mention in books, got put in the slammer last year for doing a bit of unauthorised work...not a prospect to relish in your late 60s I expect! A mate, who's father worked at Lithgow, to avoid any possibility of being involved in that clusterf, has turned down jobs when the guys couldn't explain what they intended for the end product too.

    I did recently see some blueprints for a pistol somewhere, doubt there's a buck to be made, never looked, would have thought that stuff would be all over the internet. I remember NSW cops getting their knickers twisted about the 3d printed plans a little while back though...a little bit thought police to moi...seems a good way to thin the herd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael G View Post
    His skill seem to be in demand though...

    there are a lot of us out there Michael who want a gun which can shoot 10's. A good gunsmith can build this...hence why they are in has to be the gun if one cant shoot 10's and needs to be fixed (until the shooter learns or it sinks in, that he needs to focus at that front sight).

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