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    Default Not gunsmithing, not even a real gun but...


    It's not gunsmithing but it's something I get to make up every now and then.

    It's a plastic replica of a M4A1 Assault Rifle mounted in a frame with some bling added to it. I made this one up for a mate I served with O/S so I put some extra time and effort in it with the badges, medals, coin and painting etc.

    We use a silicon mould and a two part poly urethane resin mix for the cast.


    ps everything in the plaque is legal.
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    vic clayton


    Nice one
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    Not wanting to rain on any parade but I always thought any relica firearm were illegal in NSW anyway. Unless they are of a style or colour that shows they are toys .
    That looks convincingly real . Have you actually run it buy a Police licensing branch or the Firearms registry ?
    " The NSW Firearms act 1996 states an imitation firearm does not include objects produced and identified as a children’s toy " . Dose not look like a toy to me especially if you are staring down the muzzle end
    Maybe the moulding is only one side of the gun so that may be legal .
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    Nope, as long as it's less than 50% or less in thickness it's ok. It's only one side. The Army used to give inoculated (made safe) .303 Lee Enfield rifles to retiring Chief of Army or RSM-Army and other high ranking/important people but then they'd get stuck with a weapon that needed to be registered with the authorities.

    So we started making these up. I don't make them anymore but you can buy them from various places.


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