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    Default Electric Kiln & Furnace Seminar

    Do you use an electric Kiln for heat treating, metal casting, Jewelry etc?
    Bookings Essential

    Guys and Girls,

    The boys from Paragon Industries are coming out for the Sydney Knife Show.
    We normally hold a knifemakers meet once a month here in Sydney, we have decided to make the most of their visit and hold a kiln seminar on Tuesday 9th August. In the evening... we are planning for bigger than normal meet so it will be held at the Mercure Hotel , Rosehill.

    The cost is $15 to cover the room hire and Gameco will sponsor drinks and a light meal.. (finger food.)

    You need to book and pay here: Electric Kiln Use and Maintenance Seminar 9th August 2016 - Artisan Supplies

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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