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Thread: 59 HSS BA taps

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    Default 59 HSS BA taps

    I have a collection of BA taps I don't need. All are HSS. All quality brands - Sutton, P&N, Ezicut, TEC etc. There is at least one sharp useable tap in each size, and several (if not all) in the larger sizes. Most are quite old (it is BA), and have had some surface rust or pitting at some stage, but all are now cleaned and oiled ready for use.

    0BA 6
    1BA 7
    2BA 6
    3BA 4
    4BA 9
    5BA 3
    6BA 8
    7BA 5
    8BA 4
    9BA 4
    10BA 3

    Looking for $50 posted for the lot.
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    PM sent.


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    how did you clean them? I have about 200 I i want to clean,up to about 40mm wide, and about 100 dies ,most are P&N ,then i want to then list them

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    Taps now sold, thank you all.


    The hard way, unfortunately. A Dremel and a few of those little wire wheels. HSS is pretty hard so when it does corrode you either get not very deep surface rust, or pinprick pitting, so the rust either comes right off immediately or it you can't touch it. Just takes patience and getting on a roll, sadly. Doing 60 was tedious enough, I don't envy you

    You could use a phosphoric acid bath, but I'm not sure what effect that would have on the overall sharpness of the taps/dies, and in my opinion phosphoric acid usually requires manual cleanup with a brush anyway to remove the... film it leaves.

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