ok anyone in my area looking for sand suitable for making green sand i know the trouble most are having finding it as i did .
what i have done is buy a full pallet of sibelco F54 foundry sand to get it at a affordable price .
but of course i have a lot more than i need so i am going to onsell some of it . it is in 25kg bags and i will sell it for $17.00 per bag in the hope of getting back some of what i paid to buy way to much of it and some of my frieght costs.
by the way if you want to buy it by the bag and not the pallet sibelco want $55.00 per bag , stupid i know but it is to disscourage breaking pallets and it worked on me anyway .
trouble is i dont want to organise frieght but i can drop it in toowoomba if anyone in that area wants any or anyone travelling through or has a friend travelling through texas qld wants any they can call in and pick it up from me here .
i am in toowoomba every second wednesday and it will be no probs to drop a few bags anywhere in toowoomba .
also i may be going to eagle farm race course ( probably ) sat 29 this month , i could take some that way but i am not driving all around brisbane just in to the race course and back out ( me and brisbane dont get on anymore like we used to ).