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    Default CIGWELD Transmig 175i+

    Hi Guys,

    I've been looking at picking up a Multiprocess welder for my new shop and the CIGWELD Transmig 175i+ seems to fit my needs pretty well.
    I'm going to use it primarily for making custom furniture so would mostly be using it as a MIG welder running 0.8mm, but Might purchase a tig touch for occasional tig work. The best price I have seen so far is $999 from total tools, and as that's where I buy a lot of my other gear it is the easiest place to pick one up.

    I guess my main questions are

    - Does anyone own or have experience using this machine and would they recommend it?

    - What is the quality like?

    - Is the lift start tig function any good on this machine for occasional use?

    - Does anyone have a similar machine and would they recommend it instead?

    Thanks in advance for your advice,

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    Hi BC90,

    Welcome to our metalwork forum
    I have used a Cigweld 175i+ belonging to someone else for a very short period.

    It functioned OK but I can't say it was outstanding.
    Others might think differently-see reviews:

    It is only a 5kg spool which makes the $/kg wire costing expensive.

    From memory, I don't think it came with a regulator, so allow another $70 or $80 for purchase of same.

    <Edit - Obviously my memory is carp! It was the tig handpiece and cable that it did not come with=checked the advertising pics >

    If you intend using it as a production machine, quite honestly I do not think it won't be robust enough.

    Should you go ahead with the 175i anyway, get it off the ground and build a trolley, it will suck less metallic dust and crap- less harmful in the long run..


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