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    Default it is before i put the top on it20171122_151444.jpg

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    Slight hijack-
    I'm also looking at building a welding table. Where can I get 12mm steel plate cut to size on the south side of Melbourne? I'd like a nice finish on the edges, which I assume means cutting with a water jet?

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    This is where I am at the moment. Am going to make a draw for the bottom and then paint.....but dont hold your

    The extra steel plate on the top is for another project.....when I get tuit

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    Thanks for the pics, looks great, the way everything is on the one bench and can be moved around.
    My only concern would be the acetylene cylinder sitting under the bench, if it's not turned off properly, there could be a problem with sparks there!!!
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    It depends what you are welding and if you weld directly to your top.

    I had a similar dilemma about 6 years ago when I made my lightweight 600 x 900 mm topped welding table.

    On top of the frame I temporarily placed two pieces of 700 x 450 mm x 6mm steel pieces and they have been there more or less ever since.
    I leave a 50 mm slot between the sheets for increased clamping edges

    When larger piece of metal have to be clamped down I take the pieces off and clamp to the bench frame because it's now possible to clamp to more spots than the outer edge of the sheets

    When welding small pieces I tend to use a (removable) offset 6" vice to hold the work, or clamp to the edges of one of the sheets.

    The easily removable vice on that table has been a real winner.

    BTW that bench has a lot more bracing on it now including a 5th leg directly under the vice.

    After doing this for 6 years the only thing I would change is perhaps use thicker pieces of plate?

    Things would be different if I was welding lots of HD and/or larger objects and I would then start with a much bigger HD table.

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